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  • Valeria - Monday 23 September 2019 00:25
    Organizers estimate 15,000 people will watch and cheer in the neighborhood where spires of old Polish Catholic churches and an abandoned Art Deco train station create the background.Pawlak has seen parade people hand out all kinds of food, from General Mills cereal to loaves of rye bread, vacuum sealed kielbasa and boxed butter lambs.

    Bebak's float team purchased $300 worth of cinnamon discs and peppermints for the crowd.One year, someone tried tossing out golf balls."We put a stop to that one," Pawlak laughed. "Golf balls and people who are having too much fun aren't a good combination."One of her fondest memories was of her 30 something daughter forgoing beer for a dash to the parade's dairy truck."I have a great picture of her wearing a Tyskie shirt and drinking a container of strawberry milk," Pawlak said.When Joe Barnashuk was persuaded to join the parade and celebrate his Polish heritage seven years ago, he set up steel "tree trunks" with branches of pussy willows, a traditional Dyngus Day flirting tool used for tapping.Barnashuk harvests thousands of branches from a secret pussy willow patch in Orchard Park.

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  • Candy - Monday 23 September 2019 00:24
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  • Helene - Monday 23 September 2019 00:02
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  • Ivey - Sunday 22 September 2019 23:52
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